Join the trusted blockchain AQEL network

The core of the AQEL network is deployed based on the DPoS consensus. The main application of the network is ESCROW-functions implemented through smart contracts and interface-oriented applications.

Features of the AQEL Network

All modern blockchain architectures suffer from a number of problems. AQEL Network aims to address these challenges by creating the following six key benefits


The block is created after the receipt of at least one signed transaction, which creates high speed of transaction confirmation.​

Participation in management

Coin holders directly participate by voting on decisions related to the changes of network parameters and implementation for further improvements


With a voting mechanism and room for improvement, the network remains flexible to evolve and adapt over time

Transaction cost

The cost of transactions is fixed, which allows predicting the implementation of business processes based on working with the network, including through the execution of ESCROW functions.


The principle of the RAIDO dPoS network ensures no wastage on resources when processing transactions, while still maintaining high system throughput.


The next stage of network’s development is creation of a platform for high-performance smart contracts with ability to connect external secure data and decentralized applications with ESCROW functionality.


How it Works

A software suite that performs reconciliation thanks to the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake network consensus protocol can achieve high throughput without increasing processing power.


The project has a successful development history of 2 years and is entering a new phase of its journey.